Reclaim Your Spirit

Reclaiming your spirit is a departure from obligatory living,
stepping out of internal clutter and into the Original You!

Get an Internal Makeover:

If you want to live victoriously, step into the life you were designed to live, heal your heart, and step OUT of the disorder and INTO order, you can with our INTERNAL MAKEOVER!

Buckle up for our radically fresh do-it-yourself progressive audio series!  This affordable four-part audio series will help you step into the thrilling Original Plan of the Kingdom of God, overhaul your soul, and take intentional steps to align your life with heaven.

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On the Blog:

Reclaim Your Spirit Blog

Most folks nowadays are seeking real answers for their upside-down lives. We want authentic, come-as-you-are communion with our Creator. We’re hunting the Big Plan and our own life’s purpose. Reclaim Your Spirit blogs share that exciting Original Plan for the world and a new mindset and inspiration for a victorious lifestyle; we call it “Garden Living.”

Featured Media:

Ordering Your Life

In this Kingdom Business Forum teaching, Vicki Norris shares truths about authentic order that she has learned in the trenches as an organizing expert. You’ll learn 4 “A”s of spiritual order – a precursor to lasting physical order. For more on this topic, you’ll enjoy “Ordering Your Life: From Disorder to Destiny” – Vicki’s exciting two-disc DVD set covering both spiritual and natural order!

Breakthrough Teaching:

Trading Big for Great

Do you ever feel like you’re built for the Olympics, but stuck in gym class? Do you feel frustrated or limited in your personal or professional life? Would you like to know God’s purpose for your life and His plan for work? In this marketplace ministry presentation you will trade UP from fruitless effort into the GREATNESS designed for you!

Join Our Community In Person:

First Thursday Ministry Night at Dream Acres

Join Vicki & Trevor Norris & their ministry team on the First Thursday of every month at Dream Acres – Restoring Order headquarters– in Sherwood, Oregon. You’ll receive revelatory Kingdom teaching, prophetic insight, and dynamic fellowship. We are a community learning from Holy Spirit to live out His Kingdom in our unique assignments. 



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I am so thankful I learned the principle of kings exchanging wealth. When we are operating out of need, we are constantly in the mode of getting. We take handouts, ask for discounts, and always feel like we're "just getting by." That's needs-based living. Kings, on the other hand, exchange wealth with one another. They bless, give, and pour out.

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The Body is the "garage" of our triune selves. In a household, the garage is the dumping ground for unidentified, old, and confusing stuff. The same is true for our Bodies - it's the storage place for pain, fear, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, confusion, unresolved issues, & undisciplined living.

Ask your Body for forgiveness & then authorize it to release all that junk! Call in the Holy Spirit to bring the dumpster & haul off the garbage from the garage of your Body!

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