About Our Team

Trained in Vicki’s break-through processes that create sustainable change for clients, the Restoring Order team is a veteran staff of organizing experts who all come from entrepreneurial backgrounds. And they’re employees, not independent contractors, making organizing their FULL TIME career, working every day in home and office environments.

Our Portland organizing team consultants go through our intensive training program before they ever take their first client. Working one-on-one with clients or as a team, our Order Restorers deliver proven methodologies to equip you for success. 

When you hire the Restoring Order team, you’ll receive experience, compassion, and results. We’re wired for long-term relationships. With business and relational acumen, we become to our clients advocates, advisors, and life managers. We’ve had many of our clients for well over a decade, testifying to the ongoing value we provide beyond initial overhauls. We establish – and can help maintain – customized systems that make sense for your life, household, and work. 

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