Welcome to the Restoring Order Blog

It’s time to get back to the original, abundant design for our lives! We exist to help you reclaim every area of your life. On our blog you’ll gain a mindset of total freedom and personal responsibility. You’ll be challenged, encouraged, inspired, and equipped for victorious living.

We’re Hiring!

Restoring Order® is Hiring a Part Time or Full Time Order Restorer (Professional Organizer)! Serving Portland & outlying areas and SW Washington.  Seeking professional, dynamic team member to lead an organic change process in home and office environments. Order...

Are You an Office Supply Abuser?

Without even knowing it, you may be an “office supply abuser.” I’m not talking about pens, notepads, and tape. I’m talking about those products we rush out and buy and return to our offices and throw them at our workspace, desperately looking for an organizing...

Reclaim Your Messy Garage

Summer is on the way and as the sun begins to shine through our windows, our itch to tidy up our homes returns. As you dig out your lawn mower and patio furniture, are you embarrassed to leave your garage door open very long? Have your cars long ago been booted from...

REmix: A Fresh Strategy to Embrace Change

I can feel it in the air. I can feel it in the land. Change has arrived and Change is the new normal. How do I know? Because for the last season I’ve been itchy. Restless. Ready. Like overdue ready. Tired of sameness. Here are my thoughts on embracing the change in life’s seasons.

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