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It’s time to get back to the original, abundant design for our lives! We exist to help you reclaim every area of your life. On our blog you’ll gain a mindset of total freedom and personal responsibility. You’ll be challenged, encouraged, inspired, and equipped for victorious living.

REhome: Creating an Invitational Life

When something is out-of-place, it needs re-homing. Meaning, it needs to find a more appropriate place. The best fit for it. It’s not that the object itself is out-of-order; it just found its way to the wrong place. If it’s a beneficial object; it deserves to be...

Two Tools to Transform Relationships

How many of us often find ourselves looking backward in our lives? Stuck in past hurts? Longing for how things “used to be”? Upset that our dreams haven’t played out just as we had imagined? A while ago, I found myself in that very place. I looked around my life and...

Retreat: Seclude to Renew Your Soul

“Retreat!” It’s one of those words that comes loaded with visual and visceral meaning. Loaded with imagery of a military fleeing from the vanquisher. Loaded with connotation of failure. Defeat. Giving up. So, it’s not my favorite word. After all, my very NAME means...

Enjoying Your Collections

This article was first run in Touchmark Retirement Village's January Newsletter. Recently I heard that young people of today don’t really collect things. They’re too busy trying all the new trade-up technologies and even renting and passing on clothes as fast as they...

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