PurposeScape: Multi-Session Virtual Class

From: $49.00 / week for 8 weeks

8-week virtual class each Sunday from 6pm-8pm PST – starting Sunday, March 11th, 2018.


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Most of us don’t have a handle on the meaning of life and our unique purpose.

PurposeScape™: A Treasure Hunt to Discover the Landscape of Your Purpose is THE ESSENTIAL Reclaim Your Spirit curriculum.

It’s a multi-session series where you learn about God’s BIG PLAN and your place in it.

In this unique community experience, you will learn Biblical truth about purpose organized in a digestible and empowering format. Get ready to get activated and start really living your life!

Throughout the syllabus below, you’ll be given assignments to  gather and organize the clues that God has given you throughout your life about your own unique design. PurposeScape is a treasure hunt about YOU!

Vicki Norris and her team of prophetic intercessors will bring revelation from heaven and personal insight about YOU.

Along the journey, you’ll get an introduction to living as royals in the Kingdom of God, hearing from God, and a lifestyle of honor and unity.

Course Syllabus:

  • Course Introduction & Group Fellowship
  • How to Hunt Your Purpose
  • Decoding Common Christian Catchphrases Related to Purpose
  • Identity – The Starting Point
  • The Explosive FullGospel You May Not Have Heard
  • The Kingdom – It’s NotHeaven & It Changes Everything
  • Our Purpose in Context – One Piece of the Big Plan
  • “Garden Living” – The Original Victorious Life
  • Righteousness – The Truth that Blows Minds & Religion
  • God’s Purposes Defined – What is He Trying to Accomplish?
  • Our Participation in His Purposes
  • Soul Healing – Going to Holy Spirit Hospital
  • Divine Design – Fashioned Like Him
  • We Are Insiders – We Have Secret Insight
  • Purpose & Work – How Our Role Connects to Work
  • Pay it Forward – Garden People Pass It On
  • Processing Personal Discovery & Treasure Hunt
  • Fulfilling Work – Critical Elements of Impactful Work
  • Operating in Community
  • Where to Go From Here
  • Group Commissioning


Pricing for this 8-week class, starting Sunday, March 11th:

$49.00 per person per week – or pay $349.00 in advance (and save $43.00)
$79.00 per couple per week – or pay $549.00 in advance (and save $83.00)

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