Reducing Clutter in Your Life

This article was first run in Touchmark at Fairway Village’s June newsletter.


Reducing Clutter

Our lives are filled with extraneous stuff that clogs our minds and space. To take back your life, begin by examining which kinds of clutteReclaim Your Timer need to be cleared from your life:
Physical clutter – Symptoms: Piles, stacks, and layered surfaces. Remedy: Purpose your space. Dig out and create a baseline you can maintain, and then assign a home to each category of items.
Time clutter – Symptoms: Out-of-control schedules, over-commitment, and lack of prioritization. Remedy: Discover you life’s purpose and priorities, and then align daily activities around that bigger picture.
Financial clutter – Symptoms: Overwhelm, fear, and resistance to tackle a project. Remedy: Invest in organizing your permanent filing system, establish a better flow of incoming paper, and create customized systems for recurrent tasks.
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Relational clutter – Symptoms: Endless drama, neediness, anger at others, or unhealthy relationships. Remedy: Forgive yourself and others, and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you!
Emotional clutter – Symptoms: Mental torment, circular thinking, stress, confusion, depression, and the like. Remedy: Pursue emotional healing. Trade in the lies and hurts of the past and present for truth.
Spiritual clutter – Symptoms: Racing on the hamster wheel of life, harried days disconnected from your spiritual nature. Remedy, Align your spirit, soul, and body.
Pick one or several areas of life clutter and begin “clearing clogs” today!
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